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Different types of paper, fanned out on a concrete surface

Smart Paper Management

From plain standard paper to thick recycled paper and textured decorative paper, the Brother hot foiling printer can enhance almost any type of paper.

The automatic document feeder has space for more than 40 pages and prints without any intervention needed. The maximum paper density is 350 g/m2, giving users a wide range of options.

HAK hot foil printer prints white sheet of paper with gold foil

Waste no time

The Brother hot foil printing machine not just fits in all office spaces, the day to day functionality is very simple.

First print out time is less than 1 minute and with a print speed of up to 15 pages per minute you can easily wait in front of HAK-100!

Close-up of the HAK-100 indicator lights

Waste no foil

Thanks to the foil save mode, not a single piece of foil is wasted. Only the area of the page that is actually involved will be finished.

Decide whether it should be the top, middle or bottom area, specifying either the area to be skipped or the area to be transferred.

Award winning

Our HAK machine has won an iF DESIGN AWARD for its innovative design and concept. The iF DESIGN AWARDS were launched in 1953 by iF International Forum Design in Germany and is now one of the most prestigious international design competitions.

iF DESIGN AWARD winners are judged on various criteria that range from the external appearance and shape of the product to its innovation, ergonomics, functionality and environmental

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