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  2. HAK-100 | Desktop Hot Foil Printing

Foiled-fused documents in different colours

Produce high impact, luxury documents like invitation cards, anniversary cards or certifications for events and special occasions. HAK-100 will bring toner-printed documents to life by adding enhancing colours like gold or silver.

Interested in how HAK-100 can benefit your business?

Woman and man in flower shop potting plants, HAK hot foil printer in the background

Perfect for small businesses for a faultless finish

Comparing to other large foiling machines for industrial usage, HAK-100 fits seamlessly in any spaces and offers high productivity without the need for preparing any mold.

Especially made for smaller on-demand print jobs our desktop hot foil printing machine allows creating customised cards and documents for any needs.

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Person changes foil roll on HAK-100

User-friendly and hassle free

Taking advantage of a cartridge system, our foil printing machine offers reduced time and effort required in changing foil rolls. In less than one minute HAK-100 is ready to start again.

There is also no need for an additional device or software as the machine works completely independant. Just insert your document (single or multi page) printed by a laser printer and let the device bring it to life.

HAK-100 print examples, greeting cards in red and silver foil

Wide range of foil rolls

Led by the most popular colours gold and silver, the range is perfectly complemented by red, blue, green, copper, rose gold and turquoise foil rolls, so that end customer needs can be flexibly accommodated.


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