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14th February 2014


Brother’s OmniJoin broadcasts communication between JAXA Astronaut Wakata and schoolchildren


Brother Industries Ltd., parent organisation to Brother International Europe has announced that our web conferencing system, OmniJoin, was used at “Konica Minolta Presents YAC Tenku Future Class 2014”, an event held on 14 January by the Young Astronauts Club – Japan (YAC).


To learn the significance of space exploration, children at seven different venues across Japan communicated with Astronaut Koichi Wakata of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), who is currently on a mission at the International Space Station. Communication took place in real-time using OmniJoin, our high-spec web conferencing system.


OmniJoin was chosen for the event as the ideal system, as it enabled high-resolution, high-quality audio and stable communication without the need for special terminals or dedicated lines to connect the seven venues across the country.


OmniJoin is currently available in six European countries. For more information, please visit


About OmniJoin


Brother launched OmniJoin web conferencing in the US, Japan, UK, Germany and France in 2012. It has since become available in Switzerland, Ireland and Spain as well.


OmniJoin can be accessed from a Mac, PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and offers the best video and audio quality possible for each individual meeting attendee.


As easy to use as any office software and accessible via web, desktop app or iOS app, OmniJoin comes with a suite of best-in-class collaboration tools for productive working in virtual teams.


OmniJoin has been designed for business, with enterprise-grade security and stable, reliable technology.


OmniJoin’s distributed cloud uses infrastructure closest to the user to minimise delays between audio/video capture and playback.

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